Below are answers to commonly asked questions regarding my artwork and commissions

Do you only draw cats and people?

  • Nope! I draw everything! Humans, cats, dogs, birds, demons, Cthulhu, butt-cheeks. I'm not limited on drawing anything! Art style is another subject but I'll let you know in your commission request if I can do it.

How long does it take for commissions to be finished?

  • Typically between 1- 5 days. Portrait commissions with only one subject take about a day. Can very based on the amount of critiques and changes throughout the commission process.

How many people work at WeFlapsComics?

  • It's just me! Unless you count my boss Coral (cat). I illustrate all the webcomics on the WeFlaps pages, designs for merch and the commissions artwork. If you include covering emails, book keeping and website work...I'm a busy lad!

Do you sell commissioned printed/framed?

  • Right now I only do digital copies. In the end it allows me to keep commission prices lower by avoiding printing, packaging, and shipping costs, especially because a lot of my clients are from outside the U.S and it would be significantly cheaper anyways for the client to print it locally.

What can I do with the commission?

  • After it's paid for, it is yours to do with as you please! The only thing I ask is if you post it on social media, tag my page! It's always helpful to us artists to spread the word! :)

Do you do 18+ Art Commissions?

  • Yes! Whatever you're comfortable describing or providing references for, I can draw it. No judgments here. Art is art!

Do you do more than portrait commissions?

  • Sure do! I've done commission work for logos, general graphic art, twitch emojis and profile pictures. Pretty much if you need a digital image for anything I'll take it on!

Can I get a design on a shirt?

  • I can add a commissioned design to a shirt as a temporary link in the store. It will come with a fee of whatever processing and delivery comes with the shirt since the shirts are made by vendors who fulfill the orders. Otherwise, that's also something you can get done locally for much cheaper too!

Can I request one of your Comics as a print?

  • Yes! If you don't see the comic as a print in the art prints section then you can just email me at weflaps@gmail.com to let me know which comic and I'll get in the store in 2 days or less!