What's the price/How do you determine the price of commissions?

    Below is the format I use to determine price (In my art style/Toon style)

    Per subject pricing

    A single pet/person subject = $70 Start out

    Additional subjects = $30 per pet, $35 per person

    For the background

    Blank/White: Free

    Color/Gradient: Free

    Customized: $15 - $30 (Depends on complexity)

    Art Style

    Anything that isn't in my art style (refer to images below) can increase the price, but that will be determined  in the initial commission request email. 

    Pricing examples:

    • 2 People ($70 + $35) with 2 pets (+$30+$30)  with a colored background (+0) =$165

    • 2 pets ($70+$30) laying in the grass with trees and sunny sky(+$15 )=$115


    • 1 Person (+70) 1 pet (+30) Dressed as superheroes flying through a city(+$30) =$130

    My Art Style Standard Free

    Other Art Styles I've done that cost more(Two different anime style requests)