Commissions Info

Hello there! On this page you'll hopefully find all the info you need to know before sending your art commission to or DM on Facebook or Instagram

If you still have unanswered questions after going through this page and the FAQ page, go ahead and reach me at the same email.


Step 1: What to include in your commission request email.

  1. How many subjects ex. 2 cats, 2 people
  • Background: White, Gradient color, or an actual setting
  • Art style : My style, someone else's, anime, etc. This will have a big impact on the price.
  • Document Size: Important especially if you decide to frame it/print it.
  • Positioning and action: Is it a family portrait, is everyone looking at a "camera," or are they doing an activity?
  • Due Date: Mostly important if the due date is under five days.
Step 2: Confirmation of price


After looking over your commission request, I'll send you a quote. If you agree with that quote, you can then send images of all subjects to be included in the commission and any further details you'd like included in the commission!

(Pricing info can be found HERE or in the drop down menu of Art Commissions)


Step 3: Draft to Final

  • After confirming quote, I'll start on the first draft.

This might be a very basic outline/line art depending on how complex the drawing is. When this outline is done, I'll send it to you for critiques. Just about everything can be adjusted or changed in the first draft.

  • After approving the first draft I'll go onto color and shading draft.

Once finished I'll send that draft to you for critiques as well. At this point colors and lighting can be changed. Anything having to do with positioning or changing the line art should be changed in the first draft.

  • Final Draft!

At this point all critiques on the previous draft should have been made and I'll be doing a final look over for lost pixels/ mistakes and then we move onto payment and delivery!


Final Step: Payment and delivery

Once you are happy with your commission, we move onto payment!

If you chose to pay at the beginning then I'll just be sending you the file to close the commission.

If you chose to pay at the end, then once payment arrives on my end via PayPal or Venmo, I'll send the final file to your email! 


Be sure to check the FAQ page for other commonly asked questions regarding commissions!